DVD Cloner


DVD Cloner 7 DVD Ripper

DVD Cloner 7 will become a real multimedia authoring powerhouse for DVD collectors and HD media enthusiasts, as it supports Blu-Ray ripping, backup and burning and it is easy to use. It is not only a BD/DVD ripper and burner, but also a video converter and multimedia library organizer all-in-one.

DVD Cloner makes the process of copying any DVD ridiculously easy. All you need is to insert the original disc, wait a moment for a rip, and after that insert the blank to DVD where the copy will be written.
Note! Now, for all your worries and tribulations there is new software that is launched in the market - Free Video Converter. This free video converter has never been this easy before as it is after the launching of powerful yet easy to use video converter.

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CloneDVD 2 DVD Ripper

CloneDVD 2 is another product of the Slysoft. The latter has already released many interesting products for DVD enthusiasts and media authors, but CloneDVD 2 currently looks like the most intuitive and quickest DVD ripper available on the market. The straightforward interface with no advanced settings and convoluted menus makes converting DVD movies to AVI video files almost as simple as opening emails. CloneDVD 2 has many alternatives and rivals among video rippers and converters, but none of them can offer such an efficacy or simplicity as SlySoft's new product.

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Corel DVD Copy

Corel DVD Copy Ripper

DVD Copy 6 Plus is developed by Corel and significantly differs from other alternatives as it is a video converter of high quality. If you frequently have to copy media from the computer to an iPhone or a laptop, DVD Copy 6 Plus will help you as it supports a wide variety of file formats. Corel's program not only can create ISO images, but also make DVD clones and rip DVD to HDDs and convert movies to such formats as iPod, PSP, Quicktime, Zune, MPEG, WMV, DivX, TiVO and AVI.

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Roxio MyDVD

Roxio MyDVD DVD Ripper

For the last ten years Roxio has been the first company that comes to mind when we think about CD/DVD burning software. Their latest MyDVD series was developed with implementing not only the traditional Roxio's simplicity approach but also basic video editing features, which will be ideal for those who want to edit home movies and create or copy DVDs. In fact, MyDVD 10 Premier cannot be solely called a DVD ripper, it's rather a versatile multimedia suite.

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The wonderful aspects of the Play station 3 by Sony

The Play Station 3 which was launched by Sony as a part of the complete Play station series and this new piece of technology is way more enhanced than each of its previous versions and competitors in many different ways. Due to the additional features like internet connectivity and gaming blogs as well as unique technical gaming aspects, the new ps3 for sale venture was a huge success right from the very outset.

The Play Station 3 consists of the unified gaming service that seeks to distinguish its members from the other play station versions by offering them direct Wi-Fi access to the online center where they can indulge in LAN gaming to their hearts content through the new ps3.
Other facilities include the availability of the multimedia interface on the gaming blog that enhanced the overall access of the gaming console with the internet. Also, this is the first and the only gaming package that uses the Primary Disc storage as a part of the Blu Ray 2.0 version player. The gaming station also had a whole of three fully integrated and functional USB ports. Many models entered the gaming zones by Sony and the latest one was the overall slim new ps3 for sale. Such is the addiction that people have for the gaming station that Sony had to revise the limited edition stocks and manufacture more stocks to keep up with the popular demand.
The new ps3 for sale also featured the same accessories like the boomerang controller that was used on the previous models as well. The ultra slim models that were available in the markets were widely publicized through shows at all the major electronic gaming events of the world. The hard disc memory of the Play Station measures up to 200 GB and the internal ones measure up to 8 GB. Thus considering the multitude of features, there is no doubt that the new ps3 is here to stay.